Columbus Georgia Cemeteries Tours

Columbus Georgia Cemeteries Tours


The Columbus Georgia Cemeteries Tour features stories of Columbus’ pioneers.  Ornate headstones and towering monuments give each scene a peaceful view.

Your Option of Columbus Georgia cemeteries to visit::

Linwood:  Columbus Georgia’s first cemetery.  City and national leaders, along with Confederate soldiers

Riverdale:  Started in 1890 when Linwood became full.

Porterdale:  Local African American leaders and celebrities.

East Porterdale:  Cemetery that opened when Porterdale became full.

Godwin in Phenix City:  Monument built by the legendary bridge builder Horace King.


Columbus Georgia Cemetries

Columbus Georgia Cemeteries

Columbus Georgia Cemeteries

Please allow 2 hours for the tour.

Several entering and exiting of vehicle.

Meet at 900 Front Avenue, Columbus GA (Visitors Center)

All tour times are Eastern.


The first $100 of your order is non-refundable.

You can exchange, if the request is made 24 hours before the start of the tour. Forty-eight (48) hours for shuttle tours.

Reschedule the date within 1 year of original tour date.



A little rain doesn’t slow us down. Our tours are rain or shine, hot or cold events, except under warnings.

Exchanges can be made if the postponement is due to weather warnings.

See “What about bad weather?” on our FAQ page.

Prices & Booking

Prices & Booking

 If booking for one person, you may be the only guest on the tour. If you're ok with it, proceed with booking.

Cemeteries Tour

Tour Guide On Board your vehicle

Total group price based on number of guests in vehicle (NOT per person).

1 to 4 guests – $29.95 total
5 to 15 guests – $49.95 total

Call 762-822-6251 for rates on groups of 16 or more.


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Cemeteries Shuttle Tour

1 to 2 guests – $30/person

3 to 9 guests – $25/person

10 to 13 guests – $240.00 total

Call 762-822-6251 for rates for 15 or more guests.



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